Senin, 24 November 2008

News from Arkitip

Arkitip presents Peter Saville as the next cover artist and curator of Arkitip No. 0049. Peter is best known for creating the seminal designs of Factory Records' recording artists including Joy Division and New Order. His proclivity for subtle rebellion against the design status quo kept his designs on the edge throughout his career, and fans eagerly awaiting his next direction. He has always felt that "our cultural history could inform our commercial or everyday reality," and he has continued designed from this standpoint. Creating visual communication for popular music, has put him in a unique position to influence the minds of young people. Most people grow out of the designs that adorned their walls in their teens or early twenties. But Saville's work borrowed from cultural references which influenced the viewer by presenting them with an artist or typographer that they may not have been aware of. While the designer maintains that the quality of the writing and the music is what makes people keep the records adorned by his designs, he is happy that these images "create a visual influence which the recipient could take with them in their adult life." He has often appropriated fine art images in his work while being careful treat them respectfully. Introducing these images in this way to the masses he says is, "probably the most useful thing that I've done."

Arkitip No. 0049 will be a virtual catalog of Peter's work including essays from Saville's colleagues throughout his career. It will also include two original prints from the designer in an edition of 1500. The prints will be 12 x 12 inches on 100 lb. archival stock and will sit on top of the magazine inside a custom designed box carefully encasing the magazine and prints.

After another groundbreaking year in publishing for Arkitip, we aim to end the year in style by collaborating with one of the most influential designers of our generation.

Kamis, 20 November 2008

Ouchhh mofo biatchhhh...

This guy just through the most terrible painful event, the brain might respond confusingly, which pain comes first, the suffering twisted ankle or the snapped teabag injury. Get well soon friend, give blood to skateboarding!

Sabtu, 15 November 2008

Lovely composition..

Enjoy the nicest rare groove/funk from the soviet jazz funk, back in 1974, inspiring tune for skateboarding..